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Welcome to MOT Tools – a fast, efficient way of discovering MOT check data, Tax status and vehicle history through our comprehensive vehicle check service. Completely free!

All the vehicle data you see on this site is sourced direct from the DVLA and DVSA – the UK Government Departments – which means it’s 100% accurate and is exactly as you would find if you were to perform an official check.

You’ll also see whether a vehicle is Taxed or SORN, and we even generate some useful graphs and statistics to help you read the data even easier.

With results, dates and all the important vehicle information written in plain English, I hope it serves as a useful resource!

I also write frequent posts over on the MOT News blog to help you understand your MOT and how it works.

My goal in making this website is to create the fastest way to check your MOT history and vehicle Tax. From the super-short URL (mot.tools) to the blazing fast loading times, I really do hope you notice the difference between this and other similar websites who often hide vehicle checks behind data-harvesting email opt-ins and paywalls.


I’m just one guy building this website in my spare time, so if you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to see implemented, let me know.

Need help? Spotted a bug? Reach out to me at hello[at]mot.tools

Thanks for the support, and if you like what I’m doing, please spread the word!

Jay @ MOT Tools