There are 17 MOTs on record for F977OFG

No current MOT

This 1989 TOYOTA COROLLA has Passed 14 MOTs and Failed 3 times since 2005

The most recent MOT was PASSED at 69,702 miles on Friday 23rd November 2018 at 12:24.

F977OFG MOT History

ResultMOT DateExpiry DateMileage
PASSED22ND NOVEMBER 201969,702 mi
FAILED16TH NOVEMBER 201869,691 mi
  1. MAJOR - Central Front Bonnet Cannot Be Secured In The Closed Position (3.1 (b) (i))
PASSED18TH JULY 201723RD JULY 201868,330 mi
  1. ADVISORY - Exhaust Has A Minor Leak Of Exhaust Gases (7.1.2)
  2. ADVISORY - Front Registration Plate Deteriorated But Not Likely To Be Misread Cracked (6.3.1d)
PASSED18TH JULY 201623RD JULY 201763,894 mi
PASSED17TH JULY 201523RD JULY 201660,833 mi
PASSED23RD JULY 201423RD JULY 201559,702 mi
PASSED24TH JULY 201323RD JULY 201457,804 mi
FAILED19TH JULY 201357,802 mi
  1. FAIL - Offside Steering Rack Gaiter Split (2.2.d.2d)
PASSED18TH JULY 201220TH JULY 201356,672 mi
PASSED20TH JULY 201120TH JULY 201255,806 mi
  1. ADVISORY - Parking Brake Lever Has Little Reserve Travel (3.1.6b)
  2. ADVISORY - Rear Exhaust Has Part Of The System Slightly Deteriorated (7.1.1a)
PASSED19TH JULY 201020TH JULY 201154,890 mi
FAILED19TH JULY 201054,890 mi
  1. PRS - Offside Front Tyre Tread Depth Below Requirements Of 1.6mm (4.1.e.1)
PASSED20TH JULY 200920TH JULY 201054,168 mi
  1. ADVISORY - Front Constant Velocity Joint Gaiter Deteriorated (2.5.c.1a)
PASSED19TH JULY 200820TH JULY 200953,286 mi
  1. ADVISORY - Front Tyre Worn Close To The Legal Limit (4.1.e.1)
PASSED20TH JULY 200720TH JULY 200852,346 mi
PASSED20TH JULY 200620TH JULY 200752,171 mi
PASSED19TH JULY 200520TH JULY 200651,627 mi
ResultMOT DateExpiry DateMileage


Does F977OFG have an active MOT?

No, as of Friday 30th October 2020 F977OFG does not have an active MOT. The last MOT expired 11 months ago on Friday 22nd November 2019. Read more

When did F977OFG have its most recent MOT?

The most recent MOT on record for F977OFG was on Friday 23rd November 2018 at 12:24. It Passed this MOT. Read more

How many times has F977OFG Passed an MOT?

Out of a total of 17 MOTs on record for F977OFG we can see 14 of these tests have been MOT Passes. Remember, digitised MOT records began in 2005 so MOT results prior to 2005 cannot be traced online. Read more

How many times has F977OFG Failed an MOT?

Out of a total of 17 MOTs on record for F977OFG we can see 3 of these tests have been MOT Failures. This means this vehicle has a 82% MOT pass rate! Read more

What Make and Model vehicle is F977OFG?

F977OFG is registered as a 1989 Toyota Corolla. Read more

How many miles has F977OFG done?

The odometer reading for F977OFG at the last MOT in November 2018 was 69,702 miles. If the vehicle is still in use, it's likely the mileage has increased since then and up-to-date statistics will be provided at the next MOT. This vehicle has travelled an average of 2,404 miles per year. Read more

How old is F977OFG?

The vehicle F977OFG was first registered on Wednesday 7th June 1989 so it is currently 31 years old. Read more

What colour is F977OFG?

The official colour of F977OFG is recorded as White. Read more

What engine does F977OFG have?

F977OFG has a Petrol engine. Read more

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