There are no MOTs on record for OV20UZW

MOT Not Required

This 2020 VOLKSWAGEN UP BLACK EDITION is too new to need an MOT.

This vehicle's first MOT is due in 2 years on Wednesday 23rd August 2023.


Does OV20UZW have an active MOT?

This vehicle is currently too new to need an MOT. The first MOT for OV20UZW is due in 2 years on Wednesday 23rd August 2023. New vehicles do not require an MOT test until they are three years old. Read more

Is OV20UZW Taxed?

Unfortunately no Tax data can be found for OV20UZW as of Thursday 20th January 2022. Read more

What Make and Model vehicle is OV20UZW?

OV20UZW is registered as a 2020 Volkswagen Up Black Edition. Read more

How old is OV20UZW?

The vehicle OV20UZW was manufactured in 2020 so it is currently 1 year old. It was first registered on Monday 24th August 2020. Read more

What colour is OV20UZW?

The official colour of OV20UZW is recorded as Blue. Read more

What engine does OV20UZW have?

OV20UZW has a 10.0 Petrol engine. Read more

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