Did you know it’s now incredibly easy to get free MOT reminders for your vehicle every year?

We all know it’s coming every single year, but be honest – who out there has almost slipped up in the past by forgetting when their MOT is due?

It’s easy to forget, so don’t feel so bad. The DVSA does not give any official notification by way of letter or otherwise informing you that your MOT is coming up. However they do now offer a free MOT reminder service that’s incredibly easy to use.

You’ll get a free reminder message one month before your car, van or motorcycle is due for a new MOT test. It’s up to you whether you wish to receive an MOT text reminder or an MOT email reminder – or even both!

We’d recommend getting your vehicle booked into your local MOT centre as soon as you receive this reminder. Although you’ll still have one month remaining on your current MOT at this time, you’re allowed to get another MOT test up to one month in advance whilst retaining the existing renewal date.

All you need is your vehicle’s registration plate and your preferred contact method. Then head on over to the MOT renewal reminders website by clicking the button below.

Get Your Free MOT Reminder


Do you get a reminder for your MOT?

No, you will not be sent an automatic MOT reminder by default. It is a separate service you must sign up for, as detailed above.

Many people still believe the DVSA will send an MOT reminder much like they do with Car Tax reminders, but this is false and you must sign up for an MOT reminder service or check your MOT dates manually.

Are MOT reminders free?

Yes, an official MOT reminder from the DVSA is free.

You may encounter other websites or services which charge a fee for a reminder, but we encourage you to use the free DVSA service for your MOT reminders.