Suspension Arm Ball Joint Excessively Worn – What This Means

Category: Major Code: 5.3.4 (a) (i) What does Suspension Arm Ball Joint Excessively Worn mean? The notice “Suspension Arm Ball Joint Excessively Worn” on your vehicle MOT check is classed as a Major defect, meaning your vehicle will fail its MOT should this advisory be noted by your MOT tester. The suspension system in a… continue

LED and HID headlight bulbs – Are they legal in 2021?

With the coming of the new year, and of course Brexit, 2021 brings some amendments to MOT regulations that motorists need to be aware of. This time there are changes made to regulations regarding retrofitted LED bulbs. It seems as though headlights on new cars get brighter and whiter every year, right? For those among… continue

MOT Advisory: Under Trays Fitted – What This Means

An MOT advisory notice we see appear particularly often on MOT history checks is regarding the fitment of under trays. It may appear on your MOT check as “Under Trays Fitted” or “Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components”. The vast majority of cars come with undertrays or under covers of some description as standard, so… continue

MOT Defect Categories – What do they mean?

When performing an MOT check on a vehicle you will have undoubtedly come across some categorised notices when scouring through the vehicle’s history (and if you haven’t seen any, congrats on having a well maintained vehicle!) Here I’ll explain what each of these categories means, and what you need to know about whether your vehicle… continue

Mandatory MOT Tests to begin again from 1st August 2020

Today the DVLA have announced that any vehicles due an MOT¬†from 1st August 2020 will no longer be eligible for the Covid-19 six-month MOT extension. As restrictions due to Covid-19 are gradually being lifted across the UK, many motoring authorities began to question the longevity of the six-month extension, and how it may seriously affect… continue

COVID-19 MOT Extension Notices Now Showing on MOT History Checks

We’ve recently started seeing COVID-19 related MOT extension notices coming through on MOT history checks performed on our website. In March the Government announced a 6 month MOT extension will be granted to any car, van or motorcycle¬†if the MOT was due to expire on or after 30 March 2020. The extension also applies to… continue

Can I Check My Car’s MOT History?

Yes! Since 2005 the DVLA has recorded every MOT in its digital database and made them freely accessible online. This means you can use a website like ours to perform a free MOT check for your vehicle. You’ll be able to see all past successful MOTs along with any failures and advisories for your vehicle… continue