COVID-19 MOT Extension Notices Now Showing on MOT History Checks

We’ve recently started seeing COVID-19 related MOT extension notices coming through on MOT history checks performed on our website.

In March the Government announced a 6 month MOT extension will be granted to any car, van or motorcycle if the MOT was due to expire on or after 30 March 2020.

The extension also applies to any new vehicles due a first MOT in this period.

The purpose of this is to help prevent the spread of coronavirus by avoiding unnecessary travel to garages and MOT centres.

As more and more people are now checking their MOT expiry dates, we’ve noticed these extensions pop up as Advisories on our free MOT History check¬†result pages.

An example notice may state: Advisory – Covid-19 6 Month Extension

You will then see a revised expiry date reflecting this 6 month extension. This is the new date on which your next MOT is due.

You won’t be given a paper copy outlining your vehicle’s new MOT expiration date, so it’s vital that you perform an online MOT check to know for sure when your MOT will be expiring.

It’s not yet known whether these notices will remain a permanent part of a vehicle’s MOT history once normality has resumed.

Remember you must continue to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive despite this extension.

And of course you’re able to perform an MOT check on your (or anybody else’s) vehicle for free at any time, 24/7 on our website.