MOT Advisory: Under Trays Fitted – What This Means

An MOT advisory notice we see appear particularly often on MOT history checks is regarding the fitment of under trays. It may appear on your MOT check as “Under Trays Fitted” or “Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components”. The vast majority of cars come with undertrays or under covers of some description as standard, so… continue

MOT Defect Categories – What do they mean?

When performing an MOT check on a vehicle you will have undoubtedly come across some categorised notices when scouring through the vehicle’s history (and if you haven’t seen any, congrats on having a well maintained vehicle!) Here I’ll explain what each of these categories means, and what you need to know about whether your vehicle… continue

Can I Check My Car’s MOT History?

Yes! Since 2005 the DVLA has recorded every MOT in its digital database and made them freely accessible online. This means you can use a website like ours to perform a free MOT check for your vehicle. You’ll be able to see all past successful MOTs along with any failures and advisories for your vehicle… continue