Mandatory MOT Tests to begin again from 1st August 2020

Today the DVLA have announced that any vehicles due an MOTĀ from 1st August 2020 will no longer be eligible for the Covid-19 six-month MOT extension.

As restrictions due to Covid-19 are gradually being lifted across the UK, many motoring authorities began to question the longevity of the six-month extension, and how it may seriously affect the roadworthiness of vehicles on our roads.

MOT tests due before the 1st August 2020 cutoff are still eligible for the six-month extension, however motorists are urged to exercise caution and perform basic checks themselves to ensure their vehicle is fit for purpose until the next MOT check.

Any items flagged up as advisories during previous MOT tests may be worth keeping an eye on yourself if you can – and if you’re worried please do book in for an MOT test at your soonest opportunity as over 90% of MOT test centres are open across the country.

Perform a free MOT check on your vehicle right now to see if there’s any potential items that may be a cause for concern.